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Car Glossary

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Engine Block Heater A heater that warms the vehicle's engine block faster, allowing the vehicle to reach operating temperature sooner. This improves the vehicle's fuel efficiency and ability to heat the cabin faster. An engine block heater is extremely common on diesel vehicles.
Factory-to-Dealer Incentive Incentives paid to dealerships by the manufacturer to assist in moving stock. These incentives may be passed on to the consumer to help sales.
Drivetrain This is the term that describes the vehicle's power and drive components. It can refer to simply the engine and transmission, or could include the drive axles, wheels, differential, and transfer cases. Also known as Powertrain.
Non-Renewal Refers to the insurer's decision to not renew a policy at the end of the current contract.
Hazard Anything that may increase the likelihood of an accident occurring, including inclement weather, driving while intoxicated, heavy traffic, road construction, and so on.
Coverage Refers to the protection and benefits provided in an auto insurance contract.
Loss Leader A vehicle which sold at a loss to help drive business to a particular dealership.
Collision Alert System This is a system installed into vehicles that alerts the driver if there is anything close to the vehicle via either blinking lights, a beeping noise, or both. It is designed to aid the driver in maneuvering in tight spaces.
Disclosures Refers to information that is required by law to be given to borrowers about their financial dealings with loan companies.
Delivery The date set when a customer takes possession of a sold vehicle.
CVT The acronym for Continuously Variable Transmission. This is a particular type of transmission that can shift through an infinite number of effective gear ratios between maximum and minimum values. It enables the engine to run at its peak rpm by adjusting the gearing ratio continuously.
Combined MPG The combined Miles Per Gallon that your vehicle achieves is the combination of its MPG in city and highway driving. The U.S. Government currently uses a 55/45-split to figure the combined MPG.
F&I An acronym for Finance & Insurance. Each dealership usually carries an F&I person to handle all of the paperwork needed in a vehicle purchase. This person may assist the buyer with insurance, financing, rebates, and price adjustments.
Defensive Driver Discount Certain drivers (usually those over the age of 50) who have taken, voluntarily, a defensive driving course may qualify for this discount on their auto insurance premium.
Studded Tires Certain tires that come with small metal studs embedded into the tread blocks, or holes where studs can be manually inserted, to provide better traction in inclement driving conditions.
Malicious Mischief Refers to the intentional damage of personal property, called malice aforethought.
Auto Damage Adjuster Individual responsible for writing the repair estimate for a damaged vehicle, dealing with the insured on the repair process, rental vehicle, and total loss settlement.
Incentive Rate A special interest rate offered to consumers for purchasers with excellent credit ratings.
Customized Vehicle Refers to a vehicle that has been altered or has equipment or accessories not typically found in a personal vehicle.
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