Sports car ownership is a fantasy for many, but given the price tag and impracticality of these vehicles, sports car ownership is a reality for just 2.5 percent of American drivers. 

Which states have the most and least sports cars on the road, and what is the most popular sports car in each state? iSeeCars analyzed over 200,000 vehicle sales to find out.

Which State Has the Most Sports Cars?

To determine where sports car ownership is the most popular, iSeeCars calculated the share of sports cars in each state.

Ranking of States By Shares of Sports Cars - iSeeCars
Rank State % Share of Sports Cars
1 Nevada 4.0%
2 Arizona 3.6%
3 Florida 3.5%
4 California 3.3%
5 Texas 3.2%
6 Georgia 3.0%
7 New Mexico 2.9%
8 North Carolina 2.9%
9 South Carolina 2.8%
10 Alabama 2.7%
11 Tennessee 2.6%
12 Virginia 2.5%
National Average 2.5%
13 Arkansas 2.4%
14 Mississippi 2.4%
15 Oklahoma 2.4%
16 Louisiana 2.3%
17 Oregon 2.3%
18 Washington 2.3%
19 Kentucky 2.2%
20 Delaware 2.2%
21 Illinois 2.2%
22 Hawaii 2.2%
23 Maryland 2.1%
24 Kansas 2.1%
25 Missouri 2.1%
26 Indiana 2.1%
27 Utah 1.9%
28 New Jersey 1.8%
29 Ohio 1.8%
30 Connecticut 1.8%
31 Colorado 1.8%
32 New York 1.8%
33 Rhode Island 1.6%
34 Pennsylvania 1.6%
35 West Virginia 1.5%
36 Idaho 1.4%
37 Massachusetts 1.4%
38 Nebraska 1.3%
39 Michigan 1.2%
40 Wisconsin 1.2%
41 Iowa 1.2%
42 New Hampshire 1.2%
43 North Dakota 1.0%
44 Minnesota 1.0%
45 South Dakota 1.0%
46 Alaska 1.0%
47 Wyoming 1.0%
48 Montana 1.0%
49 Vermont 0.9%
50 Maine 0.9%
  • Nevada is the state with the most sports cars on the road, followed by Arizona in second.
  • The top ten states with the most sports cars have generally moderate climates.
  • The states with the least sports cars are Northern, Rocky Mountain, and Midwestern states that have harsh winters.
Most Popular Sports Car in Each State

s cars are the most popular, iSeeCars also examined which sports cars are the most popular in each state.

Most Popular Sports Car in Each State - iSeeCars
State Most Popular Sports Car
Alabama Dodge Challenger
Alaska Dodge Challenger
Arizona Ford Mustang
Arkansas Dodge Challenger
California Dodge Challenger
Colorado Ford Mustang
Connecticut Ford Mustang
Delaware Ford Mustang
Florida Dodge Challenger
Georgia Dodge Challenger
Hawaii Ford Mustang
Idaho Ford Mustang
Illinois Dodge Challenger
Indiana Dodge Challenger
Iowa Dodge Challenger
Kansas Ford Mustang
Kentucky Dodge Challenger
Louisiana Dodge Challenger
Maine Dodge Challenger
Maryland Dodge Challenger
Massachusetts Dodge Challenger
Michigan Dodge Challenger
Minnesota Dodge Challenger
Mississippi Dodge Challenger
Missouri Dodge Challenger
Montana Ford Mustang
Nebraska Dodge Challenger
Nevada Dodge Challenger
New Hampshire Dodge Challenger
New Jersey Dodge Challenger
New Mexico Ford Mustang
New York Dodge Challenger
North Carolina Dodge Challenger
North Dakota Dodge Challenger
Ohio Dodge Challenger
Oklahoma Ford Mustang
Oregon Dodge Challenger
Pennsylvania Dodge Challenger
Rhode Island Dodge Challenger
South Carolina Dodge Challenger
South Dakota Ford Mustang
Tennessee Dodge Challenger
Texas Ford Mustang
Utah Dodge Challenger
Vermont Dodge Challenger
Virginia Ford Mustang
Washington Ford Mustang
West Virginia Dodge Challenger
Wisconsin Dodge Challenger
Wyoming Dodge Challenger
  • The Dodge Challenger is the most popular sports car in 36 states, while the Ford Mustang is the most popular in the remaining 14.
  • Both the Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger are among the most affordable sports cars, with new versions starting at less than $30,000, which broadens their appeal.
  • The Dodge Challenger is one of the only sports cars to offer all-wheel drive, and is the most popular sports car mainly among Northern and mountainous states.
While sports cars only capture a small percentage of car buyers, drivers in the most popular sports car states are nearly four times as likely to experience sports car ownership compared to drivers in the least sports-car-popular states. The Ford Mustang and the Dodge Challenger are not only fun-to-drive, they are among the most attainable sports cars for American drivers. 

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iSeeCars analyzed over 200,000 used cars from model years 2018 - 2022 sold from May 2022 through April 2023. The number of sports cars was tallied by state, and the resulting percentage shares were used to rank states.

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